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The strength, success and longevity of any organization, business or membership is based on the quality and effectiveness of their leadership. Great leadership is not a title but rather a life lived by example and power. When the Carnegie Principle was created, the founders all agreed upon the importance of setting proper leadership roles and protocol systems for the protection of our members and the longevity of our movement. The three-fold tier of leadership is as follows;


Sir Don Boyer

Lady Melinda Boyer

Jeffrey Levine

Marlon McKinney

Sir Dr John Sachtouras

Dr. Tanjie Brewer

Dr. Milton Howard

Dosa Szilard


Sylvaine Langlois



Personally working with International Leaders like Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Marie Diamond and many others allows us to incorporate many of their trainings into our Carnegie Principle curriculum designed to help you develop the skills you need to create the success you desire.

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